can't find out the python version in terminal

Ummm, maybe try not misspelling it, and using the correct case (for the option, at least)? Furthermore, on Windows python often isn’t added to the PATH, and you should try using the py launcher instead.


Well, yes. python is not spelled like PYHTON, and it is also not spelled like phyton. On Windows, you can (should be able to, at least) use uppercase or lowercase, but you still have to put the y, then the t, then the h.

Please practice paying attention to details like this. It will be really impossible to write working code otherwise.


And furthermore, you’ll find simply spending a few seconds trying it yourself until you get it right, or failing that googling for the correct command to run, far faster and more efficient than relying on asking a bunch strangers on the internet for help with every trivial problem.


forgive me for my behavior

i already disable it and nothing change.

Please read: