Cant find python through command prompt

After i install python and select the copy as path option it is not shown through command prompt when i type the command "python --version " it shows as ‘python–version’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. how to solve this error .
now after i add the path manually through environment variables it stil shows same thing .
Any solution ?

If you’re using Windows, it’s recommended to use the Python Launcher py.exe. That lets you specify the Python version if you have more than one installed and also lets you specify the Python version in the script so that it’ll use the appropriate version for each script.

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This error message proves that you did not put a space between python and --version, like so: python --version. (If the problem was with finding Python, then the error would only say python, not python--version.) The space is required. python is the name of the program; --version is a command-line argument - information that you are providing to Python, to tell it what to do (in this case, tell you the Python version number, instead of running any code).