Can't install or unistall python

this issue has bothered me several days, here is the background:
I installed python in D disk before, however, all files in this disk has been deleted for a recovery-operation (long story…), then I found can’t install python anymore. I have tried delete relative registry files by some unistaller-software, repair action when install a python package…none of them worked.

Hope anyone can help me to fix it, thanks a lot!!!

What does the log file tell you is the problem?

Thanks for your reply, the log file looks like recording the procedure of installing, and path is C:\Users\XXX~1\AppData\Local\Temp{3F1D5A69-4441-47C5-9A45-DE450989A31B}.cr\python-3.10.7-amd64.exe, not the path I set, and will show “Setup failed” in the end again.

The log file I would hope include the reason for failing to install.
Are there any error messages in the log file?

Are you able to share the whole log here?

Also is there a reason you are install an old vrsion of 3.10?
The last released version is 3.10.11 that was built for windows.
If you can use 3.11 then try that version incase there was any fixes.

I tried the easy way to install a 3.11 version instead of 3.10 which I was stuck with, it seems the latest version has fixed the bug (maybe) already.
So thank you very much Barry, for your detail and kindly advice, it really helps me a lot!
Now, it is my turn to help others who bothered with the issue on chinese social media :slight_smile: