Category-less topics?

Judging by PEP 8010 - The singular leader, apparently it’s possible to post topics that aren’t in any given category? That feels like a misfeature to me. @barry

More annoyingly, category-less topics don’t seem to appear in the “Latest topics” page, making them difficult to find and easy to overlook.

All I did was find a “New Topic” button and hit that, and Discourse did the rest. So I have no idea what it did or why it made it “category-less”.

Ok, I’ve moved the topic to the right category. However, I think it’s a UI issue that Barry wasn’t prompted to select a category and instead his post ended up in a weird place.

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Sorry for the confusion. I posted an explanation of what happened and how we will fix it here: "This topic will close 3 days after the last reply"