Changing Index of two List

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue/concern I have two lists column A(albm) and column N(tlt) and below are the code I used to create the lists.

What I am seeking to do is put Column A which NASB and NTSB is and Column N where the tracks are? How can I accomplish this? Thanks

cb = sheet2.cell(row=acaw+1, column=1)
tlt =sheet2.cell(row=acaw + 1, column=14)

spreadsheet = [
Column A Column N
( “NASB”, “Track1.mp3” ),
( “NASB”, “Track2.mp3” ),
( “NASB”, “Track3.mp3” ),
( “NASB”, “Track4.mp3” ),
( “NASB”, “Track5.mp3” ),
( “NASB”, “Track5.mp3” ),
( “NTSB”, “Track1.mp3” ),
( “NTSB”, “Track2.mp3” ),
( “NTSB”, “Track3.mp3” ),
( “NTSB”, “Track4.mp3” ),
( “NTSB”, “Track5.mp3” ),
( “NTSB”, “Track5.mp3” )

Can you provide a short, simple example we can try on our own computer,
without relying on your data (which we don’t have!) or whatever these
mysterious “sheet2” and “albm” variables are?

A simple example using lists would be good.

Also, please format your code as code, if you are using the Discuss web
interface I think you need to use the “</>” button.

Please show a simplified example of what you start with, and what you
are trying to get.

Thanks for the information. Below list contains list of songs in folder. In the lists albm(NASB/NTSB) and title(title of tracks in folder) both list are from a spreadsheet. Since they are both separate lists I was wondering how can I create a single list having Column A where NASB/NTSB are and Column N where the tracks are? Thanks

folder = [
spreadsheet = [
    ( "NASB", "Track1.mp3" ),
    ( "NASB", "Track2.mp3" ),
    ( "NASB", "Track3.mp3" ),
    ( "NASB", "Track4.mp3" ),
    ( "NASB", "Track5.mp3" ),
    ( "NASB", "Track5.mp3" ),
    ( "NTSB", "Track1.mp3" ),
    ( "NTSB", "Track2.mp3" ),
    ( "NTSB", "Track3.mp3" ),
    ( "NTSB", "Track4.mp3" ),
    ( "NTSB", "Track5.mp3" ),
    ( "NTSB", "Track5.mp3" )
for album, track in spreadsheet:
    if album == 'NASB' and track in folder:
        print('%s %s' % ('Yes', track))
        print('%s %s' % ('No', track))