Cibuildwheel and the PyPA?

Hello PyPA!

I’m a maintainer on cibuildwheel, along with @yannickjadoul, @mayeut and @henryiii. If you haven’t come across it yet, cibuildwheel is a tool for Python wheel building that makes building platform wheels in CI simple - across all the OSs and Pythons that we support.

The project is reaching a pretty stable state, and appears to be gaining in adoption across the community (notable users include mypy, scikit-learn, matplotlib,…) so we’ve been starting to think about more long-term plans, to ensure it’s still around and working for the community for years to come.

One thing we were wondering about was if the PyPA would be interested in adding cibuildwheel as a member project? cibuildwheel is already stitching together lots of pypa work, like the manylinux project, auditwheel, virtualenv, of course pip & wheel, perhaps soon pypa-build and musllinux! We end up being the interface to wheel building for many users, so perhaps it would be useful to have us more involved in discussions relating to platform wheels? From our perspective, we’d benefit from a little more visibility, and being under the pypa umbrella might give users more confidence that we’re the real deal :slight_smile:

So - I’d love to know what PyPA members think - is cibuildwheel a good fit, do you think? Would it make sense for cibuildwheel to be a ‘1st party’ part of PyPA, or would it serve the community better as part of the ecosystem? Perhaps there are benefits to joining/staying independent that we haven’t thought of? Let us know your thoughts below.


Strong +1 from me. PyPA membership doesn’t really come with any constraints (it’s an explicit part of the governance rules that we don’t try to manage individual projects) so I don’t see any downsides in that sense.


I’m not a PyPA member but I want to give props for cibuildwheel, it’s a great tool.

So strong +1 as a general community member.

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+1 from me as well.

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+1 from me :blush:

I like this!

PyPA membership doesn’t really come with any constraints

There is just one constraint: the project will now have to follow the PSF Code of Conduct. Beyond that, it’s a matter of convincing most of the existing PyPA members, which… won’t be hard in this case IMO. If any of the maintainers of cibuildwheel have any concerns to the CoC requirement, say so on this thread!

If no concerns are raised by the cibuildwheel maintainers, I’ll propose a PyPA-committers vote sometime this weekend! :slight_smile:

Relevant documentation:


+1 from me.

+1 from my side too :tada:

Thanks for all the positive replies so far! :blush:very exciting!

I don’t think that would be an issue for us, we already have in place the contributor’s covenant. But I’ll have a read and double-check with the other maintainers about it too.

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:+1: from me too

No problems at all on the Code of Conduct front. If somebody is able to initiate a vote that would be great! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’ve just sent the proposal e-mail to our vote group, will come back in 7 days with the results per the bylaws. Thanks!

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+1 from me.

@agronholm FYI your vote must be cast on the e-mail list, not here :blush:.

Seems like Bernat siezed the opportunity to start the vote before I got to it. :slight_smile:

If you’ve got the commit bit on a PyPA project, please vote on that thread! The votes are publicly archived, like rest of the mailing list.

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I see nothing but wins here. Thanks for making this and helping people build legit wheels.

+1 for me.

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Hope PyPI supports build wheels from source code automatically, it can be implemented using CI.

Allowing users to upload executable has a higher security risk.

The vote succeeded!

Please feel free to request a transfer of cibuildwheel to the pypa org on GitHub and someone will click accept on the other side. :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s fantastic news! :relaxed: Thank you @bernatgabor for proposing and @pradyunsg for confirming the result. Happy to be joining such a friendly bunch :slight_smile:

Let me double-check a couple things on our side, and then I’ll let you know when I’ve requested the transfer.

Actually, this is probably a good place to ask, perhaps somebody knows - because we’ll be moving the repo to the PyPA org, the GitHub location will change from joerick/cibuildwheel to pypa/cibuildwheel. Does anyone know if that affect people who have the joerick/cibuildwheel action written into their Github Actions YAML? Hopefully Github will redirect that?