Clarifying how to join the Python Core Devs Discord

Where to Get Help - Python Developer's Guide doesn’t mention the Python Core Devs Discord, but the recent’ish thread at Best comms channel for core dev? recommends it as the best current option for real time chat with other core devs.

I’m aware the last couple of core dev sprints have used Discord, but the 2020 sprint guide that I found in my email archives referenced the public server at Communication — Python Core Sprint 2020 documentation rather than the private one.

While Discourse’s “similar topics” feature when starting a new thread pointed me to the key post in the core-dev-only area with the private server link (so I’ve joined the server now), I think there’s a bit of additional info that would also be useful:

  • Pointing to and the ability to right click your username in the automatic Discord server welcome message to set a server specific nickname under “Edit Server Profile”.
  • the process for getting our Discord role upgraded to match our GitHub role isn’t clear. I’ve now added my underlying Discord user profile ID to, so the the link between my Discord ID and my GitHub idea can be verified from that commit, but that option is only available to core devs with access to the voter list - it isn’t available to triagers and documentarians

I’ll be happy to submit the PR updating the developer guide, but I need to know what it should be saying first :slight_smile:


One thing about the core dev discord is, we don’t want any public links to the server to exist. So only core dev channels that are unreadable to the world can have the info. I think that means only the inquisition channel on discourse.

Agreed, that restriction definitely made sense to me (the voters repo on GitHub is the other place we can put shared-to-core-devs-only info, but Discourse pinned threads feel like a better place for miscellaneous FYI messages).

What I was thinking we could have in the public dev guide was a pointer in the right direction like:

For core developers, a long lived multiple use invitation link for the core development Discord chat server can be found in the private section of the Discourse forum.
For triagers and documentarians joining the Discord server, a single use invitation link should be generated and sent to them directly.

OK, devguide PR for this finally posted: Communications: add Discord, expand on Discourse by ncoghlan · Pull Request #820 · python/devguide · GitHub

When I went to add the Discord info, I realised the Discourse info hadn’t been updated since the early days when it was still mostly an experiment, so I expanded on that as well.