Class and inner function

Hello everyone, I have a class, where I have a function pip which I use in function wash, but I have a problem, that the python does not know the values up and down, which I defined below. How can I do it? I just need to define them below, not in the init. Is that posiible? Thank you

class Program:
def __init(self)

def pip(self, up, down):

def wash(self, w1, w2, up, down):
    self.pip(up, down)

w1 = 5
w2 = 2
up = 0
down = 3

while True:
program.wash(w1, w2, up, down)

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Inside a function, and that includes methods within a class, we can define local variables. Those variables will persist until the function terminates. Prior to that termination, we can use those variables as components of expressions that serve as arguments for calling other functions.

If we wish to define variables that persist throughout the existence of an instance of a class, we can define instance variables. Those variables are often initialized within an __init__ method, but that can also be accomplished within other methods.

Another option is to create class variables. See 9.3.5. Class and Instance Variables.