Classes problem

need help. Can someone tell me what i have missed from the below problem?

Create a class called “Vehicle” and methods that allow you to set the “Make”, “Model”, “Year,”, and “Weight”.

The class should also contain a “NeedsMaintenance” boolean that defaults to False, and and “TripsSinceMaintenance” Integer that defaults to 0.

Next an inheritance classes from Vehicle called “Cars”.

The Cars class should contain a method called “Drive” that sets the state of a boolean isDriving to True. It should have another method called “Stop” that sets the value of isDriving to false.

Switching isDriving from true to false should increment the “TripsSinceMaintenance” counter. And when TripsSinceMaintenance exceeds 100, then the NeedsMaintenance boolean should be set to true.

Add a “Repair” method to either class that resets the TripsSinceMaintenance to zero, and NeedsMaintenance to false.

Create 3 different cars, using your Cars class, and drive them all a different number of times. Then print out their values for Make, Model, Year, Weight, NeedsMaintenance, and TripsSinceMaintenance

import random

Define vehicle class

class Vehicle:
def init(self, make, model, year, weight):
self.make = make
self.model = model
self.year = year
self.weight = weight
self.needsMaintenance = False
self.tripsSinceMaintenance = 0


def getMake(self):
    return self.make

def getModel(self):
    return self.model

def getYear(self):
    return self.year

def getWeight(self):
    return self.weight

def repair(self):
    self.tripsSinceMaintenance = 0
    self.needsMaintenance = False


def setMake(self, make):
    self.make = make

def setModel(self, mode):
    self.mode = mode

def setYear(self, year):
    self.year = year

def setWeight(self, weight):
    self.weight = weight

Inheritance class

class Cars(Vehicle):
def init(self, make, model, year, weight, isDriving=False):
Vehicle.init(self, make, model, year, weight)
self.isDriving = isDriving

def drive(self):
    self.isDriving = True

def stop(self):
    if self.isDriving:
        self.tripsSinceMaintenance += 1
        if self.tripsSinceMaintenance > 100:
            self.needsMaintenance = True
    self.isDriving = False

drive and stop car random no of times

def driving_car(car):
drive_times = random.randint(1, 101)
for i in range(drive_times):

creating car instances

FirstCar = Cars(“Toyota”, “Altis”, 2009, 1055)
SecondCar = Cars(“Mitsubishi”, “Mirage”, 2019, 1040)
ThirdCar = Cars(“Honda”, “City”, 2018, 1022)

car attributes

def print_car_specs(car):
print('Make: ', car.make)
print('Model: ', car.model)
print('Year: ', car.year)
print('Weight: ', car.weight)
print('Needs Maintenance: ', car.needsMaintenance)
print('Trips Since Maintenance: ', car.tripsSinceMaintenance)

randomly driving cars


printing cars

print(FirstCar.make, “Vehicle”)

print(SecondCar.make, “Vehicle”)

print(ThirdCar.make, “Vehicle”)

From your message, it is not clear to me what the question is. Are you getting an error? Is the code behaving surprisingly? Could you provide a complete example (that we can just run to reproduce the issue)?