Coding python on a Computer without internet acces

Hi I am a beginner level programmer in Python. And due to my nature of Work, I have given a PC without internet access. I am using Anaconda3 and it have many libs which I needed. But during the work flow I might need to install new packages, but whenever I search on internet regarding new packages, I will get to install via pip-install or conda install. please help me find documentation on how to install libraries without internet.

Thank you

Using another computer with internet access, you can download (and, if necessary, build) packages without installing them. With pip, the command is pip download. With conda, it’s conda install --download-only. Then you can move the downloaded packages with e.g. a USB stick to your target computer. There, you can use either pip or conda to install the package files directly.

For best results, the computer you use to download the packages should have the same CPU architecture, same operating system, and same version of Python as the target computer.


I use my smarthphone as mobile network. Works perfect.

It sounded like the OP’s work required an offline computer. Attaching it
to the internet eg via a phone might be an outright violation of his
work’s security requirements.

Cameron Simpson

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Thank you for the reply,

I am working in a very restricted laboratory, I have one terminal with internet access and we are not allowed to install python in that system. can anyway we can download packages without pip and conda .

p.s I have managed to install pip and conda in my target offline computer

Its not possible :smiley:

You can download packages directly from pypi or conda. You will need to manually fetch the dependencies of all the packages you want.

Additionally, some packages are distributed as source-only, commonly packages which are written partly in languages other than Python. These packages must be built before they can be installed, which requires a suitable compiler and any libraries the package depends on.