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Courtesy of the Python Steering Council and the PSF infrastructure and CPython docs folks (who set this up for the main reference interpreter docs), we have the option of making use of the recently added web analytics on Enable Plausible analytics for the hosted packaging user guide · Issue #1561 · pypa/ · GitHub

One of the main things I’d be hoping to get out of adding it is some insight into whether or not the current links from pages are actually working (e.g. how much of the 86% bounce rate on the standard library venv docs is users following the link to the packaging user guide page?)

However, I figured I should post here to give the opportunity for feedback from other contributors to the guide before adding the relevant JavaScript snippet.

(the initial addition would be for the current trial period, which runs until mid-July, and then the SC will look at how many views are coming in and the ongoing cost of retaining the service. is expected to dominant the view count, though, even if other subdomains are added to the trial)


I 100% support doing this!

Thanks for bringing this up. Adding Plausible analytics to sounds like a good idea to better understand user behavior, especially regarding high bounce rates. It’s wise to gather feedback from contributors before proceeding. The trial period until mid-July should provide useful insights and help decide on future steps. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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We’ve pushed the code to enable this, but still have a few things to sort out on the Plausible config end (we thought we had that ready to go, but it didn’t work after the JS snippet went live)

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