Comments disappeared

Two short comments from @pitrou and me seem to have simply disappeared from the thread NOT YET: Steering Council Election Results - 2024 Term.

I first thought they had been split into a new thread, which would’ve been reasonable, but I see no such thread and my reply isn’t even in my reply history anymore.

If they have been removed by moderation, I don’t know why and I’m surprised not to have received any notice of it (whether automated or private message from a moderator). Not that I care about the comment, but it’s confusing to have your post just disappear like this.

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sorry. my bad. they were off topic to the thread and can be restored and split.

I see you just did that. Thanks!

I noticed that as well (and in fact, as you can see now, there was actually a third comment from Antoine thanking you that you never got to see). In cases like these, at the very least instead of deleting them the comments can be marked as hidden instead (though a thread split as suggested as implemented is better as it fully preserves them elsewhere).