Common Parser for pyproject.toml

Is there a common parser for pyproject.toml files? I was going to write this myself, but wanted to check if there was a commonly used implementation already available.

What would this common parser do? If it’s just parsing the toml, we have tomllib in the standard library on 3.11+, and for earlier versions most people use tomli. I help maintain several tools that use pyproject.toml (mypy, black, pyanalyze), and we haven’t felt much need for a parser abstraction beyond just parsing the TOML.


Yeah, fair point. I think I was overcomplicating this. Thanks!

Also of interest may be @FFY00’s GitHub - FFY00/python-pyproject-metadata: PEP 621 metadata parsing — though you’ll need to use tomllib anyway.


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This has been proposed at Add PEP 621 project table parsing and validation module · Issue #647 · pypa/packaging · GitHub .

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