Community announcements... request for guidance

I’m helping organise EuroPython. :eu:

Our CfP has started, and we’d like to reach folks who may want to submit advanced level talks. The sort of folks who’d likely have advanced talks to give inhabit this lovely corner of the web. We (EuroPython) want to be respectful, so I’m just seeking feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism about how the CfP could be highlighted here – I’m asking because I notice that the PyConUS CfP was mentioned here… but EuroPython isn’t a PSF thing like PyCon US is. Just wanted to check. :smile:

Thank you in advance! :+1:

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We have an events calendar here, Our Events |

Although, I think it’s also an interesting idea to have an interactive place to talk about events, ask questions, and share info.

Hey hey @Deb ,

Thank you so much for responding.

EuroPython is already on the events calendar, so all good there…

I guess I’m seeking advice about using this platform to announce stuff like the CfP. Folks on here are generally advanced Python users and probably have lots to offer should they wish to contribute. I notice PyCon US did it here, but like I said in the OP, that’s a PSF event and this is PSF infrastructure, and I want to make sure we’re good FLOSS citizens and coordinate.

In any case, our CfP is closing at the weekend, so any announcement here has missed the boat. :cry: I notice the FAQ for this site is a code of conduct, and doesn’t give guidance about these sorts of community-event-related announcements, or appropriate scope of subject matter.

Perhaps next time…? :+1:

Thank you, once again.


Perhaps the question would be better to ask about as a whole, in Discourse Feedback.
AFAIK, EuroPython isn’t that strongly connected to the PSF, other than they’re both about Python.
But the recent PUG Meeting Announcements topic didn’t really get an authoritative answer…