Comodo antivirus blocking Python--Where is Python.exe's location on my hardrive

I want Python to run unobstructed by Comodo. How can this happen?

After I installed Python my antivirus software blocked its application. Where on my hard drive can I find the python.exe after I install Python. I need to add Python to my exemptions to the Comodo antivirus to make Python work. I need Python location address on my PC hard drive

I’m not using Windows, but doesn’t the Start menu give you a “search” or
“find” menu or button?

Search for “python.exe” and “pythonw.exe”.

If there is a Python shortcut on your desktop, you can probably right-
click on it, choose File Properties (or something like that) and see
where the shortcut points to.

You should probably consider reporting this to Comodo. They shouldn’t be
blocking Python.

When Python is installed for all users it is installed in C:\Program Files\Python## where ## is a version. When Python is installed for a specific user it is installed in:


Where @@@@ is the user name. Or at least you can look in those places. I am new to Python and I am not sure of these details but at least you can look there. The thing I do not know is how to get Python installed into C:\Program Files\Python##. I have a version there but I do not know how it got there.