Compile CPython error

I am trying to compile CPython, and I have this error.
I have installed all dependencies and working on Ubuntu 22.04
Below is the screenshot of the error

Thanks for assistance!

Please cut-n-paste the text do not post pictures of text.

You have a clear message about OpenSSL I suggest you fix that issue and try again.
Usually you have to install the dev or devel package for openssl so that you can compile against it.

For the _bz2 etc you will also need to install the apropiate devel packages for those modules to be built.

Why can’t you use the python that comes with your OS?

The OpenSSL I installed on my system was not 1.1.1. I have to install the required version before I was able to compile CPython.
I think CPython should be able to compile with OpenSSL 1.1.1 up to OpenSSL newer.
Thanks for the assistance Barry Scott

Do you mean you tried to use openssl 3? Or the obsolete openssl 1.0?
python 3.10 on Fedora uses openssl 3. So if you have openssl 3 and python 3.10 then it should compile