Compiling python statically fails

I compile static version of python3.7.12, I added the static standard library that I want to compile in Modules/Setup, reference Modules/Setup.dist in python source, like this:


GNU readline. Unlike previous Python incarnations, GNU readline is

now incorporated in an optional module, configured in the Setup file

instead of by a configure script switch. You may have to insert a

-L option pointing to the directory where libreadline.* lives,

and you may have to change -ltermcap to -ltermlib or perhaps remove

it, depending on your system – see the GNU readline instructions.

It’s okay for this to be a shared library, too.

#readline readline.c -lreadline -ltermcap

Modules that should always be present (non UNIX dependent):

array arraymodule.c # array objects
cmath cmathmodule.c _math.c # -lm # complex math library functions
math mathmodule.c _math.c # -lm # math library functions, e.g. sin()
_contextvars _contextvarsmodule.c # Context Variables
_struct _struct.c # binary structure packing/unpacking

But there are still many modules that fail to compile, these modules with no commented out build definitions in the Modules/Setup.dist file. How do I add these modules build definitions to the Modules/Setup, yes they compile successfully ?