compiling python3.13 alpha release on openbsd

I just wanted to raise an issue regarding compiling Python on openbsd. I know that it is not supported but uptil 3.12 I have been able to compile and run on openbsd.
However, I tried to checkout 3.13 and it seems Python may be introducing changes that will
make compiling infeasible on openbsd.

In file included from Objects/mimalloc/prim/prim.c:22,
                 from Objects/mimalloc/static.c:37,
                 from Objects/obmalloc.c:22:
Objects/mimalloc/prim/unix/prim.c: In function 'mi_prim_open':
Objects/mimalloc/prim/unix/prim.c:67:10: error: implicit declaration of function 'syscall'; did you mean 'sysconf'? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
   return syscall(SYS_open,fpath,open_flags,0);

The error is same for both clang and gcc. Can’t we use expressions that are the same for both openbsd and linux?

If feasible, please consider the request.

Maybe @colesbury can help? Or you may have to file an issue with upstream mimalloc.


The configure script checks if mimalloc can be built, but I guess that’s not working on OpenBSD. We should be able to fix that as well as the underlying compile error in mimalloc.

For now, please use ./configure --without-mimalloc

I’ve filed mimalloc compile error on OpenBSD · Issue #117547 · python/cpython · GitHub to track this.

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@KabiraK, would you please verify that gh-117547: Fix mimalloc compile error on OpenBSD by colesbury · Pull Request #117548 · python/cpython · GitHub fixes the compile error on OpenBSD?