Convert PDF to CSV

I am new to Python. I want to convert PDF file into CSV or XLS. I tried doing this by using python tabula:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import tabula

# Read pdf into list of DataFrame
df = tabula.read_pdf("File1.pdf", pages='all')

# convert PDF into CSV file
tabula.convert_into("File1.pdf", "File1.csv", output_format="csv", pages='all')

# convert all PDFs in a directory
#tabula.convert_into_by_batch("input_directory", output_format='csv', pages='all')

The PDf file has 2pages. The 1st page has 1st four of headings and their respective columns where as 2nd page has only columns.

With code mentioned above the converted CSV’s 1st page has it 2nd column with merged columns from pdf file. However the 2nd page displays correct convertion.

Please help me how can I fix this?