Couldn't launch python

how to solve this please???

You have not installed python so its not available.
Go to and download python.

You may find that you want to get python version 3.11 (3.12 is very new and I do know if stable duffusion will work on 3.12).

You can find lots of good information about using python on windows here: 4. Using Python on Windows — Python 3.12.0 documentation

However if all you want to do is run stable diffusion I recommend using that takes the hard work out of getting it running.

Many thanks Mr. Barry for your kind reply.
I confirm you that I already installed Python 3.12 and got that message in the attached photo, and also I tried otner versions as 3.11 , 3.10 as you suggested and got the same launcher.
I am an architect Eng and just wanted to use AI in generating multi choices, but surprised how this is so complicated…I’m really frustrated because of this python un-launching.
Also could’nt use Python on Windows too.
Sorry, I’m just a beginner.

Then use the easy diffusion installer
Getting stable diffusion running is hard for experts!

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