CPython port for UEFI shell

I am Jayaprakash Nevara, working at Intel. We have ported the standard CPython 3.6 to UEFI shell environment and made available to the Tianocore edk2-libc open source project community.
I came across Information about other Python for other platforms information available at Download Python for Other Platforms | Python.org.

How do we capture the details of Python UEFI port in other platforms support page of Python.org.
What is the process needs to be followed for this?
Could someone provide contacts for further discussion on this?

UEFI port of CPython3.6.8 has support for compiling to x86 and x64 platforms using the Microsoft Visual Studio Tool chain 2019 and GCC 5 and above.
The git repo of the same is as below:

Chipsec is a security tool suite written in python. There is an open source project to mange the chipsec tool suite. This tool is powered by Python UEFI interpreter for UEFI shell based use cases.

Chipsec git repo : GitHub - chipsec/chipsec: Platform Security Assessment Framework

There are lots of interesting use cases for Python on UEFI shell. Would want information about this port to reach to bigger audience through Python community. Also want fellow Pythonistas help to maintain and contribute to the Python UEFI project.

I think you need to capture the attention of the Python core developers. You can try reposting this information at the Core Development topic, or you could raise a documentation issue on the bug tracker.

Good luck, and thank you.

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Thanks @steven.daprano for your response.

Hi All,

Appreciate any help and directions from the core development team. The idea here is to make the information about CPython 3.6 port of UEFI shell available to wider public through the other platforms information available in the python/downloads webpage.

The python.org/download/others/ content is managed in a CMS - File an issue in the pythondotorg or cpython github repositories to suggest the addition or edit you want and someone with edit access to the content management system can make the change.

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Thank you Smith.
I have raised the following documentation issue Update required to the https://www.python.org/download/other/ with information about CPython port for UEFI environment · Issue #101977 · python/cpython · GitHub to get the details about Python UEFI port updated into the download/other page in the pythondotorg website.

Thanks for giving the right directions. I am hoping that the issue gets addressed soon.

Had to repost the issue to Update required to the https://www.python.org/download/other/ with information about C-Python port for UEFI environment · Issue #2251 · python/pythondotorg · GitHub based on the comment above issue. I will follow-up on this further with this issue.

So far no one has looked into the pythondotorg issue which I have raised. Is there any other forum where we can discuss about the pythondotorg issues?

It’s probably best to ping people over at pydotorg-www@python.org for help. If you don’t get a response there, I can probably look into this as well.

Your suggestion has been added here.

Thank you @nad for the quick help on this. Thanks to the community members for providing right directions and inputs. I would like to work more with the Python core development community in the future. Its a great community to work with!!

With this I am closing this discussion thread.

Thanks for your response! Great community to work with!