CPython PR review questions

First, sorry if I asked this in the wrong place. Hi! Newbie guy here :sweat_smile:

So I have a PR that is still “awaiting review” since Jan 5.

I wonder how long does it usually take for a green-checkmarked PR to get reviewed? My PR had already got marked “stale” once, so I replied with a “Bump” and it got unstaled.

Also, the bot added the “email-team” as reviewer; is there a way to politely ask the members of the team (which I cannot find anywhere) to perhaps take a peek on the PR?

3. Lifecycle of a Pull Request — Python Developer's Guide says you should write to python-dev@python.org. I have occasionally seen people asking for reviews on stuck PRs there.

Good luck!

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Thanks! Following the guidelines, I’ve pinged the issue on bpo.

If no news after one week, I’ll ask in the mailing list.