Crashing Problem when picking through Turtle Menus too fast (Python Turtle)

Ok, so I’m trying to make a menu for a small turtle race game I made earlier this year. The menu mainly consists of different colored (and circular) turtles that do something when you click on them. However, my problem comes when the turtle-buttons transition to a new set of turtle-buttons.
What happens during the transition is that all the turtles come down from where they are to under the screen, get replaced with the new turtle buttons, and then those turtle-buttons drift back up to where they would go in the menu, one at a time.

But, since the buttons go one at a time, you can press a button that would load the transition process while a transition was still going on! And predictably, the program doesn’t like that very much.

So, how would you go about fixing such a problem? Maybe if there was a way to remotely abort a function from a different function, but I don’t know how to do that lol

While I could disable the button or make them wait until the transition’s done, I would much rather find a way that allows people to quickly navigate through because I respect their time.
Here’s the link to the original Repl, and I’ll the unfluffed version that highlights my issue can be found here. The functions that I suspect the problem stems from is introductions, resolution, and take a look at multibutton and create_button if you want to see how the buttons are created

C’mon… someone? Please?? This is like he third site I’ve tried asking this question on and no one has replied