create a personal python interpreter use python 3.8

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Creating a private python interpreter using opcode permutation strategy
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I want to create a private python interpreter by exchanging opcodes , aims to increase the difficulty of cracking the pyc file, we make a private python environment(private python)。
I made a little attempt first and I tested is 3.9.6:
swap the opcode of the two operations of BINARY_ADD and BINARY_SUBTRACT’s opcode
My modification policy has the following three places:
1.Include/opcode.h:swap bytecode definitions:
2. Lib/ exchange the opcode:
3.Python: opcode_targets .h: swap the order of the two opcodes in the swap

I would appreciate it if someone can provide me with some help
Unfortunately, after such a modification has been made, the python compilation precess failed。The error message is shown in the following figure:

Hacking CPython will take a core developer with specific knowledge to create what you want. So you will need to either pay for one or you could try PyInstaller which creates an executable which is much harder to crack.

An executable produced by Pyinstaller is easily unpacked using the publicly available tools. If you want to obfuscate your code, you’d better use PyArmor.