Create a simple Card game Question

Create a simple Card game in which there are 8 cards which are randomly chosen from a
deck. The first card is shown face up. The game asks the player to predict whether the next card
in the selection will have a higher or lower value than the currently showing card.
For example, say the card that’s shown is a 3. The player chooses “higher,” and the next card is
shown. If that card has a higher value, the player is correct. In this example, if the player had
chosen “lower,” they would have been incorrect. If the player guesses correctly, they get 20
points. If they choose incorrectly, they lose 15 points. If the next card to be turned over has the
same value as the previous card, the player is incorrect.

Can anyone give me code of this question in python?

What do you mean? Do you think someone will program the game for you? I do not think so.

Start programming the game and show us the problems you encounter. Someone will probably help you to resolve them.