Creating a Report

which approach would you recommend? We collect data from an application and need to make it up in an good looking way.
Means a report showing companies Logo, headline, Table with some statistics etc. – all made up nicely so it can be converted into a PDF which is then sent to the user.
What would be the preferred way to do it in Python? The reports follow a standard appearance so it could be a kind of form, too.
Thank you, Reinhard

We can’t really do design or layout for you, and we don’t know how you “collect data” or what processing needs to be done with it. All of these things can influence the decision.

PDF is a standard for documents that will be printed or read on a screen. It is usually not convenient for things that need to be used in other ways (for example, clients that will write their own programs to extract and use the data). If you have requirements like that then you will need to do more design work.

If PDF works for your application, there are many popular libraries that help with creating PDF files in Python. PyPDF is probably the best known and most supported. Filling in a template (“form”) should be easy enough this way.

It’s hard to say a lot more about a “preferred way to do it”; that would require a more precise specification of “it”. If you’re just looking for a library recommendation, that’s what I can offer you (although it is not hard to research these things independently). If you have already tried out something basic and encountered a concrete problem, there are definitely people here who can help. Depending on the kind of problem, that may even include me :wink: