Creating a "WebAssembly" category

Following up on some discussions at PyCon US this week, there has been some interest in creating a “WebAssembly” category on This would be a place for the developers of various Python-in-WebAssembly projects to coordinate and collaborate. These projects include pyodide, pyscript, WASM in upstream CPython, JupyterLite, Pyolite etc. Each of these have their own fora for coordinating work, but there doesn’t seem to be a place to collaborate between them and discuss higher-level issues.

Is there a process for adding a new category to Does this seem like an appropriate place for this?



Basically there just has to be demonstrable interest in the new category, then one of us admins can create it.

For the Pyodide project, it would indeed be great to have a common space to discuss shared topics and collaborate, as Michael said.

I see that some of the other categories have a few messages per month. We should likely have more activity than that, as there are lots of CPython with WASM-related topics relevant to multiple projects that we should discuss.

Thanks for starting this discussion :+1:

It would indeed be very useful to have this common space. On the Jupyter Discourse we start having more topics about using Python with JupyterLite. Most of them are often related to the differences between the WebAssembly and regular environments, like reading files and using third-party packages.

Since many of the higher level applications rely on CPython and Pyodide, it would be great to have a place to coordinate and address some of the current limitations.

Thank you for the initiative! Sharing the sentiment from other teams above, for the PyScript project it’s definitely great to be able to have a place where all the WebAssembly/Python related projects can talk.

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Thanks everyone for speaking up. I have (ab)used my admin powers and created WebAssembly - Discussions on ! I will also post this to the WebAssembly Discord.

I also totally stole the description line for the category from @mdroettboom :grin:.


It’s a great idea! Before seeing “WebAssembly” on Python forum, I never knew it is possible to run Python on the web platform.

The topic has been created!