Creating an attendee list for the WebAssembly summit at PyCon US 2023 on Thursday, April 20th

I managed to get a 20-person room on the second day of tutorials (Thursday) at PyCon US 2023 for a WebAssembly summit. Because of the limited space, the first order of business is figuring out who is going to attend. If you are interested in attending, please reply here with why you would like to attend (e.g. “I work on Pyodide”, “my company uses WASI and wants to add Python support”, etc.). I will then play the bad guy and figure out if I have to pare the list down to 20 people to fit the room (or if I’m lucky and less than 20 people want to even attend). I unfortunately do not expect to be streaming this meeting.

Please reply by March 1 with your interest in attending!

I know the following people are already interested as they asked about the summit and helped spark this planning (I’ll let them give their own reasons for wanting to attend):

  1. @ntoll
  2. @fpliger
  3. @antocuni
  4. @jezdez
  5. @trey

I’m also assuming @hoodmane and @rth are interested from Pyodide, but I will let them speak for themselves (and if they are attending PyCon US this year). I don’t know if @pmp-p will be attending PyCon US.

I obviously will be attending. :grin: I’ll put myself down as wanting to attend both as the core developer on the hook for keeping WebAssembly working on CPython as well as VS Code being interested in Python in WASI.


Sadly it’s hard for me to move far/long time from home so no PyCon US for me :frowning: . But i’ll make it to PyCon FR 2023 at Bordeaux on 18/02 to present 1 hour of pratical application and packaging of stock cpython-wasm ( terminal / pygame / IoT and Harfang3D ). In French, free entry, no fee but still need registering À propos − PyConFr 2023


Hello Brett,
thanks for organizing this!
I confirm that I’m interested in participating.

My interest in Python/WASM topics comes from different perspectives:

  • I’m a core dev of PyScript @ Anaconda
  • I’m a core dev of HPy: potentially, I imagine a future in which we can have HPy extension modules compiled to WASM to have “truly universal wheels” which works on any python interpreter and any CPU
  • I’m interested in WebAssembly as a compilation target; eventually I’d like to experiment compiling a Python-like subset directly into WASM

Hi Bret.

I am interested in participating.

My company InfinyOn is actively working on support running Python code in WebAssembly for our open source project Fluvio and interersted in colloberating with others in advancing Python & WebAssembly integration.

Thanks for organizing this summit, Bret!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend, as I have decided not to travel to PyCon US this year. Maybe @hoodmane or @ryanking13 would be able to attend from the Pyodide project. I’ll be at EuroPython in July, in Prague (Czech Republic) if anyone wants to talk about WebAssembly there.


I want to attend, with focus as a core developer trying to help out to maintain WebAssembly things in CPython.

Hi Roman. Will be interested in discussing WebAssembly at EuroPython

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Thanks for the ping @rth, and thanks for organizing the summit Bret. I’m haven’t decided whether I’ll travel to Pycon US this year, so I’ll give others the opportunity to attend.

I would like to attend as a Pyodide representative.

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Just confirming my attendance at the web assembly summit at PyCon US. Many thanks to Brett for driving this forward.

Euro based folk… @rth @antocuni et al… I’m helping to organise EuroPython, so would welcome suggestions for how we can help make Python / web assembly a “thing” in Prague. It could be something as simple as a sprint or open space, up to something akin to a “summit” or track of talks.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas and I’ll pass these on and champion them in the EuroPython context.

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This is Kevin Smith from SingleStore and the SingleStore Labs python-wasi project. I would like to come, but I’m still working through the approval and travel logistics.


I’d add that, timezones allowing, we have some way for @dpgeorge and/or Jim Mussared (co-maintainer) to join us via video link should they want to (both in Australian timezones).

Damien is going to be focusing on MicroPython in a web assembly context in the not-too-distant future, and they’d both likely find some of our discussions fruitful, stimulating and an opportunity for gathering wider context about Python in the web assembly eco-system.

Of course, they might not want/be able to participate, but it’d be good to give them the opportunity.

:slight_smile: :australia: :microscope: :snake: :rocket:

It’s also worth pointing out that there’s a 99.999% certainty there will be a Python / web assembly summit at EuroPython in Prague this year (


If you would like to have that happen then I leave it to you to make it happen :wink:. I have never seen such a setup work successfully and I don’t have the time (or patience) to try and make it work. But if you can somehow figure out how to make livestreaming the event work then please do so!

Counting up all the replies, I have:

  1. Me (Python)
  2. @ntoll (PyScript)
  3. @fpliger (PyScript)
  4. @antocuni (PyScript)
  5. @jezdez (Anaconda)
  6. @trey (training)
  7. @sehz (InfinyOn)
  8. @kushaldas (Python)
  9. @hoodmane (Pyodide)
  10. @kesmit (maybe; SInglestore)

So it looks like we will have space for any walk-ins that may show up.

Just to beat people from asking, let’s assume a 10:00 start time on Thursday (and yes, that’s in 24-hour time :wink:)? I have no clue what room it will be in as I have not been told that yet.

Hehehe… I totally understand and agree with your point.

To be honest I was thinking of just having an hour in the day where Damien/Jim could (should they wish) join us for chat/discussions, so we bump chats that relate to MicroPython to such a time.

As for the setup… I’d invite them to a Zoom call, point my laptop in the right direction and hope conference wifi doesn’t go into meltdown. No point over thinking this and it’s definitely a “best effort” thing. :+1:

I’ll ping Damien and Jim - if they’re not interested we’re all good. If they are, we can figure out something simple.

Can I join online?

Please reply with the info as requested in the opening post for attendance (basically if you’re working on getting Python working in WebAssembly and not simply interested in using Python in WebAssembly I so no reason why you can’t attend, otherwise it will come down to available space).

Put together a quick events page for the summit. It does have a room number in case you wanted to know before you got to the venue (I expect it will be up on some board as well on the day).


I would like to attend the WebAssembly summit. I am the Engineering Manager on PyScript.

Thanks in advance.

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