Creating Pdf Excel sheet using FPDF module, Adding cells in single row, using multicell

Trying to create a PDF page using fpdf module. Not able add cells in a single row using multicell function. Below is the code that I am trying to use. Any suggestions for code change would be appreciated to get the expected output. Thanks in advance.

from fpdf import FPDF

import pandas as pd

class Tables(FPDF):

def table(self):
        self.set_font('Times', '', 10.0)
        epw = pdf.w - pdf.l_margin
        col_width = epw/5
        data1 = [{'ip': '', 'name': 'cloud', 'used_percent': 100.0,'percent': 100.0,'value':6497693752875},
                 {'ip': '', 'name': 'mitakaDZGFGASSCCGSTHAG', 'used_percent': 97.0, 'percent': 100.0, 'value':6497693752875597265917},
                 {'ip': '', 'name': 'cloud', 'used_percent': 100.0,'percent': 100.0,'value':6497693752875},
                 {'ip': '', 'name': 'cloud', 'used_percent': 100.0,'percent': 100.0,'value':6497693752875}]
        df = pd.DataFrame(data1)
        s = df['ip']
        v = df['name']
        c = df['used_percent']
        d = df['percent']
        e = df['value']
        data = [df,[s[0], v[0], c[0], d[0],e[0]], [s[1], v[1], c[1], d[1], e[1]],  [s[2], v[2], c[2], d[2], e[2]],  [s[3], v[3], c[3], d[3], e[3]]]
        th = pdf.font_size
        count = 0
        self.set_text_color(0, 0, 0)
        self.set_fill_color(255, 255, 255)
        for row in data:
            count += 1
            for datum in row:
                if count == 1:
                    self.set_fill_color(70, 130, 180)
                    self.set_font('Times', '', 10)
                    self.cell(col_width, 2*th, str(datum), border=1, align='L', fill=1)
                    self.set_font('Times', '', 11)
                    self.multi_cell(col_width, 2*th, str(datum), border=1, align='L', fill=0)
            self.ln(2 * th)
        self.ln(2* th)
    except Exception as e:
        print(f"Exception {e}")

pdf = Tables()
pdf.output(‘fpdf_table.pdf’, ‘F’)