Creating the `Python triage` team on GitHub

Trying to move forward the effort to create the triage team on GitHub.

A couple questions:

  1. Should we grant triage role to only CPython repo for now, or should we grant the role across all the repos for Python core? (21 repositories: (note: this link might be 404 if you’re not in Python GitHub org)

  2. Any suggestions on who should be added to the initial crop of Python triage team?

For those looking to contribute, we still need help in updating the devguide surrounding this role.

See the project board for overall progress.

IMO, we should grant triage role to all repos since trusting Triagers with CPython implies they are trusted to be responsible enough to only participate in places they should. There might be legitimate use cases for some Triagers to work on other repos and might be more of burden for admins to provide granular access on a person-to-person basis.

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Yeah, I guess we give it a shot to be open and then if it turns out to be a problem we pull it back.

Ok, I guess I think this is important decision, I didn’t want to make the decision without consulting anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

The only repo I was thinking to leave out is the private python-voters repo. I think that should remain for core devs only. Is this ok with everyone?


Yes, that should definitely stay private as it has PII for core devs that is not meant to be shared outside of the core team.

Also, it doesn’t seem like there would be much of any benefit for the triage team to be able to access python-voters. Since the primary purpose of the triage team is to help with the workflow, specifically with the management of PRs and issues, it would make the most sense to have them involved in any of the Python repos which have a decent volume of PRs and issues.

For the purposes of implementation, it might be easier to start with adding just the permissions for CPython as a trial run of sorts, but the long term goal should be to include them in any public Python repository that receives PRs. I’m not sure as to how the permission system on GitHub is managed though, so it might not be any more involved to just add permissions to any applicable repository from the start.

As an idea, we could potentially add traige_team_candidates.rst (or plaintext) to the core-workflow repository and the core devs could add existing contributors that they would consider eligible for the role to the list. Anyone that’s currently active on bpo with the Developer role could submit a PR to self-nominate. I believe there are some users with the Developer role on bpo who don’t have GitHub accounts, but that should probably be a requirement for the triage team.

The Python Triage team has been created, and it has triage access to 20 repos, (see screenshot) so now we can begin adding people in.


Has it been decided what the procedure is for giving somebody triage permission? Is there going to be a formal process, similar to becoming a core dev? Can people apply for becoming a triager or does a core dev need to suggest somebody?

No procedure in place yet, and no one has been added to the triage team yet.

edit: @maxking has been added to Python Triage team.

But @maxking is also a core dev as of a couple of hours ago. :grin:

Well then we’re back to not having triagers yet :woman_shrugging:t2:
Now I don’t know what’s next?

Probably start a separate discussion about how we want to handle adding people to the Triage team.