CSV/ Zip file/ Webpage Automation help

hello - I have a little experience of python, but not a great deal. I’m new to this site too, so your patience appreciated. I’d like to describe a process and get feedback for how much I can automate and what libraries I will need to get it up and running, and how easy it is for a beginner to get each step running in python

I manage a website, (not hosted by me).
On the site, there is a feature to create surveys/ questionnaires for my users.
When users complete an online questionnaire, they can upload a picture to the questionniare

Current Workflow
At this point, I get involved and this is the flow I’d like to automate as much as possible so that it is easy for someone else to do.

When the survey is complete, I download the responses in a CSV file by clicking a link on the website
I open the CSV file in excel where all survey participants responses are contained
The CSV has two relevant fields with 1) a link to the image they uploaded 2) the title of the image uploaded
I open the link to the image, which displays on a webpage
I right click the image and save it to my computer sing the title found in the CSV file
When all images are saved, I add all the saved images to a zip file
I go back to my webpage and fill a form and click a button that uploads the zipfile back to the site and creates a photo album
I drink a glass of wine and give myself a pat on the back

My Question
What I’d like to do is automate this as much as possible so that I click as few times as possible. Which bits are simple or hard to automate from a python beginner perspective and what libraries will I need.

Note that the website does have a feature that allows me to embed code (to add videos from youtube for example) so I wonder if I can somehow use embeded code to run python in the site itself? Maybe is more advanced than I’m comfortable with, but curious to get views on how to approach this.