ctypes changes in py3.12 around pointers and arrays arguments?

Old code that ran normal with python < 3.12 now tracebacks in 3.12 with

ctypes.ArgumentError: argument 5: TypeError: expected LP_c_ubyte instance instead of c_byte_Array_3520

Looking at changes in 3.12 in python.org don’t seems to show something relevant.

General searchs on the web didn’t found mentions of changes, but a result pointing to python docs for 2.5 says Type conversions
Usually, ctypes does strict type checking… There are some exceptions to this rule … For example, you can pass compatible array instances instead of pointer types. So, for POINTER(c_int), ctypes accepts an array of c_int

Okay, what if 3.12 dropped this exception?

I did a ctypes.cast at the calling site on the offending parameter, cast(_data, POINTER(ctypes.c_ubyte)), where _data was an c_byte_Array_ , and the code does not traceback and seems to work as in py3.11

My questions are

  • anybody see ctypes be stricter than before?
  • it is an intended ctypes change?
  • any link about ctypes changes in 3.12?
  • this was on Windows, does this happen in Linux?

Sorry to not provide short demo code, I don’t currently have compiler toolchain for Windows, nor have a Linux instance to use glibc as target lib to write one, as shown in the python’s ctypes docs.

Some more details at win32_gdi_font tracebacks in python 3.12 · Issue #964 · pyglet/pyglet · GitHub