Curve_fit, number of iterations

I call the curve_fit function like this.

popt, pcov = curve_fit(asymmetricLogistic, xData, yDataFixed, predictions)

In the documentation it says that the number function calls is returned, but I can’t seem to get hold of it.

infodict dict (returned only if full_output is True)

a dictionary of optional outputs with the keys:


The number of function calls. Methods ‘trf’ and ‘dogbox’ do not count function calls for numerical Jacobian approximation, as opposed to ‘lm’ method.

How do I catch nfev from a curve_fit call?


Perhaps re-read what you just wrote?

Sorry for not spelling it out even clearer. :slight_smile:

Could do show me how the function call should look. I seem to mess it up every time I try to set the full_output to true.

I found the syntax…