Customize Installation directories

Hi everyone,

I already managed to compile and install python in my home directory. As you would expect, all I had to to was to

. /configure - -prefix=$HOME/Python

I noticed, that you also have the opportunity to specify certain subdirectories to the prefix dir. E.g. “Binaries” instead of “bin” or “Libraries” instead of “lib”. Of course this is pretty non standard and definitely not neccesarry. But I would like to do it anyways because it just fells more tidy for me.

The problem: Giving options like --bindir=$HOME/Pyhton/Binaries does create the directory “Binaries” but “bin” is also created, containing pip. The same goes for “lib” and “include”. Did I miss anything that’s not in the options for. /configure or do I have to go deeper and edit even the Makefile?

Thanks in advance

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I vaguely recalls (but can’t find it) a ticket somewhere describing that ensurepip in the build script is run against the wrong Python interpreter. Try skip that (./configure --without-ensurepip) and run ensurepip manually after installation.

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That did the Trick for the ˋbin/ˋ directory. Setting ˋ–exec-prefix=$prefix/Headersˋ had ˋpyconfig.hˋ placed alongside the other header files. But still in an ˋinclude/ˋ directory.

Unfortunately ˋlib/ˋ still exists, containing files like ˋzipapp.pyˋ and ˋwebbrowser.pyˋ.

There don’t seem to be any options controlling this properly so I think I’ll have to edit the Makefile.

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I would suggest filing an issue on Either you missed something, or this is a straight up bug; people there would be able to answer (and some documentation improvements are possible even if this is not a bug).

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Will do. Thanks a lo anyways.

I think it is a really minor cosmetic bug. Who really wants to customize these subdirectories? It kind off goes against the simplicity of the nix world.

On the other hand: I like linux so much because it enables you to fully customize your system. So it would be a nice touch.