Dates for core dev sprint

From the Steering Council, we would like to get some idea of everyone’s availability for a potential core dev sprint this year. Given the current world limitations on travelling and the time frame, it will have to be an online core dev sprint like past year’s. Before any further work on this or preparation, we need to determine a time-frame for when it will happen so I am opening this poll to find out about your availability so we can determine the best time for everyone.

Core dev sprint dates
  • First week of October (4 October - 10 October)
  • Second week of October (11 October - 17 October)
  • Third week of October (18 October - 24 October)
  • Fourth week of October (25 October - 31 October)
  • First week of November (1 November - 7 November )
  • Second week of November (8 November - 14 November )
  • Third week of November (15 November - 21 November )
  • Fourth week of November (22 November - 28 November )

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Note that the fourth week of November includes the big US Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday, a busy time for many in the US.

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And October 11 is Canadian Thanksgiving, but I don’t think we should assume that any specific holiday for any specific country disqualifies a week from consideration. The poll results should end up showing any week doesn’t work for enough folks to take it out of contention (or put into play since those of us who have US co-workers love US Thanksgiving week since we get left alone :grin:).


Thanks to everyone who participated! I just closed the poll and we will be sprinting Oct 18 - 24!