Dates formats issue

Hi , sorry if I’m writing not to the right forum , but i got dates in csv file which looks like that :
I tried to parse them while reading the file with pd.read_csv , but without success.
Any idea how to parse it or the issue is in the field input format?
Thank you!

Are those Julian dates?

How do those values translate to dates? You probably will have to write a custom parsing function

Yes , there are Julian dates suppose to be , year=2021

Actually this is my question , i would like to right custom parsing function if i would know how to translate it to the dates , i only know that the year suppose to be 2021

Well, the best way to figure out how these translates to dates is for you to go back to the source.

A possible guess is that this is “days since 1960-01-01”. But that is kind of random, so I am not sure that’s correct.

Thank you, i think its what i have to do , to go back to the source

You should be able to convert these to Python datetime objects by using those numbers as day counts (timedelta(days=n)) and adding them onto the base date. But you would need to know the basis date, which I’m not certain of here; it looks like it’s probably about the beginning of 1960.