December 2022 Steering Council update

The December 2022 SC update, included below, was posted last night (it’s only a brief one because of the elections and the holidays).


  • The Steering Council had their regular check-in with Łukasz (Developer in
    Residence), and discussed the state of multiprocessing.
  • The SC discussed the ownership and stakeholders of with Deb
    (the PSF Executive Director).
  • The SC discussed
    options with Deb.
  • The SC discussed Brett’s suggestion to add Codespaces support to our
    GitHub repo.


  • The SC welcomed Emily to the SC.
  • The SC summarized how it works: meetings, note taking, task list,
    communication channels, public updates, PEP reviews, meeting with Łukasz
    (Developer-in-residence) and Deb (PSF Executive Director).
  • The SC discussed improvements to the process, mainly how to get updates
    out faster.
  • The SC reviewed its outstanding tasks. Decision-making is left for the new
  • The SC discussed the backwards compatibility policy, trying to find ways
    to answer questions like “Does it need a PEP?”, “Should it be backported?”
  • The SC briefly discussed managing the scope of the standard library.
  • The SC discussed how to work with (full-time) developers who work too fast
    for many reviewers to keep up with. (For a variety of reasons we expect
    that to be a bit less of an issue with 3.12 than it was with 3.11.)
  • The SC said good-bye to Petr.