Delaying 3.12 beta 2 by a week

Because there are a number of important bugs being worked on that impede the testing of 3.12, it would be a shame to delay all that by a month, and it’s only been a week since beta 1, I’m delaying beta 2 until next week. (In retrospect I should have realised a week is not enough for third parties to find bugs and us to fix them, so lesson learned).

For reference, some of the bugs I’m talking about:


(Could you turn those references into a bulleted list? It looks like spaghetti. :-))

(Sure, done.)

I’m looking into this.

I have a fix up:

While this is a result of the immortal objects work, I wasn’t very involved in the implementation, so I’ll defer to @eelizondo.

FYI, I also finally have a good fix up for gh-104341 (sporadic buildbot/CI failures):


This one is now fixed.