Delaying 3.13.0b2 by a week

Python 3.13.0b2 is scheduled for next week (May 28) but I’m going to push it back by a week because I’ll be on a much-needed vacation. I suggest everyone use the time wisely to fix all those danged bugs :slight_smile:


Oh, and I’ll push back beta 3 by a week as well (it has a bit more slack before beta 4).


I updated the PEP to reflect this intent:


We plan to initiate the real rebuild of Fedora 41 with Python 3.13.0b2 this week.

I am checking in to verify that a release is happening tomorrow as planned.

Yep, I have a busy day tomorrow but I will start the release process in the morning, Pacific time.

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Looks like we’re going to have to delay until tomorrow, at least European time. There’s just too many things going on for me today, and too many fixes that would be really good to get in 3.13 (and 3.12 also).