Deletion request for documentation hosted on


I’d like to have Welcome to lazr.config — lazr.config 2.1 documentation (hosted on pythonhosted dot org) deleted as nobody in our team knows who created this and how to access the settings of it and anyway, we moved on to use readthedocs: LAZR config — lazr.config 2.2.3 documentation

Dustin told me that the domain/service is owned by the PSF.

Thank you!

If you still have access to the PyPI package on, you should be able to do this yourself. There’s a “Documentation” tab which provides this functionality. See Destroy documentation by ewdurbin · Pull Request #3413 · pypa/warehouse · GitHub for details


Thank you, @malemburg - that worked flawlessly.

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@jugmac00 Glad this worked out. Some time in the distant past I had upload/maintainer privileges for lazr.config. But it’s been a long while since I did anything with this package.

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@barry Actually, you still have maintainer privileges :slight_smile:

And I certainly saw some of your contributions to the Launchpad stack, which afaik ended around 2010ish.

I hope to meet you at a conference one time to hear some old stories :slight_smile:

And I’d like to know whether your toenails curl in horror when you hear that we started storing JSON dumps in the Launchpad configuration :rofl:

Cool! Not that I’ll do anything with it :smile:

I think that’s about the time I moved over to the Foundation team. I still managed to maintain a few libraries like lazr.config that Mailman used, but I even turned that project over to others several years ago.

I think that’s about all I have left these days! “FLUFL Story Time”, you know, for the kids.


What could possibly go wrong?!