Dependency Management in PowerBI Python Scripting

I feel like I have tried everything to manage dependencies for powerbi. I simply want to use MatPlotLib, but it will not let me install it. I have it installed on my local machine, but any time I go to run any python script, I get an error of missing Pandas or missing MatPlotLib. I cannot install these in the Python editor, and I have them installed in my terminal. I am not sure what else I should be trying. Any advice would be appreciated.

I do not know PowerBI. In general a very common cause of such issues (something is installed but not importable), is that the Python interpreter used to install dependencies is not the same as the Python interpreter used to run the code (import dependencies). The recommendation is to always use commands like this path/to/pythonX.Y -m pip install name-of-dependency, where path/to/pythonX.Y is the Python interpreter that should be used to run the code. I do not know if and how that applies to your use case.

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