Developer in Residence Weekly Report, October 18 - 24

This week in numbers:

  • issues: 10 closed
  • PRs: 2 authored, 49 closed, 5 reviewed
  • blog posts written: 2
  • words written: over 6,000
  • core dev meetings organized: 1

I organized a meeting between Python core devs and Sam Gross, the author of the nogil fork of Python 3.9. The notes from the meeting are published here. One actionable item from that for me is that Sam is interested in becoming a Python core developer. I volunteered to mentor him, with help from Guido and Neil Schemenauer.

I also posted about PEP 563 and PEP 649, I hope we’ll be able to untangle this situation for Python 3.11.


Awesome! Hope Sam Gross is able to join the team, we could certainly use more GIL (non-gil? haha) experts given the especially steep entry curve of that area of CPython.