Different Types Of Calculation In Python

Hi, New On Python!

I Want To Know That How We Can Do Different Types Of Calculation Using Print() Function In Python.

Calculations Like: Multiplication, Division, Subtraction And Finding The Percentage.

Please Explain Me This In Easy Way!
Thank You So Much…

Try the tutorial:


Or you might prefer this one:


thank u… if you can give more detailed links or guides then it is helpful for me…

There is a book called Automate The Boring Stuff With Python -by Al Sweigart- and it is a perfect Python guide for ones who are new to programming. I am linking its ToC page below:
You can start from introduction and go on.

Thanks Bro For Helping… :blush::blush:

Easy way: you can’t do different types of calculations using Python built-in print().

You can use print to output results of the calculations to the screen.

Does the OP not mean something like…
print(2+5) or print(2**8) etc?