Discourse Message "Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post"

I did compose a longer topic with a couple screenshots included, but at the end when I did hit the “Create Topic” button it showed me the following message and did not allow to post.


Could someone unlock this limitation for my user?

It would be helpfull to show this limitation during the creation of the post to not to suprise the user just at the end when he wants so send his content.

Discourse operates with a series of trust levels to reduce spam. The more you interact with the site the more restrictions are removed. You may find the article on this topic helpful: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

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And what is the idea behind the “Post more than 1 image” limitation?
If I create a spam entry it actually does not matter if this entry contains 1 or 5 images or even one large image which shows the same content as 5 small ones.

It is frustrating for new users to compose a long thread just to find out at the end that you are not allowed to post it.

What sort of post are you making that you want to post screenshots?

There aren’t very many good reasons for posting screenshots, and
screenshots of code is almost never one of them. If you are doing GUI
programming, and the visual layout and look of your widgets are not
correct, then it makes sense to post a screenshot of the widgets.

But code is text, and unless you edit your code using Photoshop, you
should not post it as an image:

  • if we have to run your code, we have to retype it from scratch, which
    may introduce new errors;

  • screen readers don’t work with images, so posting code as text
    discriminates against the blind and visually impaired, who may not be
    able to view the image and cannot contribute to the discussion;

  • users who are reading this via email see only something like this:


There is an easy work-around to the “one inline image per post” rule:
post your screenshots on Imgur and link to the album or gallery. Or post
one image, then reply to it with the second image.

Or better still, don’t use screenshots unless absolutely necessary.

In my time on Discuss here, I have seen probably multiple dozens of
screenshots, and perhaps one or two that actually added to the
discussion rather than were an attractive nuisance that saves the poster
a few seconds at the cost of everyone else.

I agree with you, code should be posted as text for the reasons you mentioned.
In my post I wanted to show the thread status from Visual Studio Code and it seemed reasonable too me in this situation to show it via screenshots.

I finally ended up in posting all in just one screenshots as workaround, which led to less readable text for screen readers.

If you’re a spammer clever enough to collect all your images into one, then yes, you’re right. But doing a massive post with a bunch of screenshots is a more common spam move than a single screenshot.