DLL load failed while importing pybind

Hi, i am new in python please any one guide me to fix the error


Hi Jenifer,

Please don’t show screenshots or images of errors. When possible, please copy and paste the text of the exception, starting from the Traceback line.

Unfortunately the error (failure in a DLL initialisation routine) is hard to diagnose and fix. It probably requires deep knowledge of the open3d library.

I suggest you start by googling for relevant key words from the error message, e.g. like this:


and see if something comes up that helps. This bug report seems promising:

Beyond that, you should double and triple-check that you have the right version of open3d installed. How did you install it?

Given how specialised this is, you will probably have better luck asking
for help at the dedicated Open3D forum:

Good luck! And if you do find a solution, please reply here so that others may share the knowledge.

Thank you so much @steven.daprano