Do we want classifiers for WebAssembly on PyPI?

We could request some classifiers for Classifiers · PyPI and have something like:

  • Topic :: WebAssembly
  • Topic :: WebAssembly :: WASI
  • Topic :: WebAsembly :: Emscripten

That would let projects tag themselves as supporting WebAssembly and how they support it.


These look good and covers all parts of the ecosystem.

Thanks to everyone for the support! Since there are no objections I am going to request the new classifiers be added to PyPI!

I opened Add `Environment :: WebAssembly` classifiers by brettcannon · Pull Request #129 · pypa/trove-classifiers · GitHub , but realized last-minute that “Environment” was better than “Topic” for using the intended use of tagging projects as being compatible with WebAssembly.

And the classifiers are live! Classifiers · PyPI .

I opened Classifiers on PyPI to help projects declare they are compatible with WebAssembly · Discussion #3480 · pyodide/pyodide · GitHub at Pyodide in case they want to help projects they know to be compatible to add the classifiers (cc @hoodmane and @rth ).

Great news, thanks @brettcannon !

i think “Topic” would still be usefull for tooling dedicated to WebAssembly.
eg for cross compiler (ppci …) , packager (pygbag …), vm (wasm3 …) or webassembly loaders/inspectors (wasmpy …) .

Makes sense, but I will leave that to someone else to request. :slightly_smiling_face: