Do you allow using the PSF website as src for pictures in other websites?

I’m about to make a web app the backend of which will be written in Python. I wanted to include the “python powered” logo in the HTML. I’m having some issues when I include it from my file system, but no issues when I include it from your website.

My web app won’t have a lot of traffic, but I guess it would give your servers some extra work.

Is it allowed to put the link to your website as the image source?

I believe this is called “hot linking”.

Oh. I’ve just looked it up. I’m sorry. I’m very new to website creation and maintenance.

EDIT Of course, I’ll find another way to mention Python.

I really doubt we’d bother to prevent anyone from using the official Python logo hosted on as their img src…

I didn’t mean to suggest that you shouldn’t hotlink (or that you should). Only that this is what it is called.

Thank you for asking for permission first.

The other potential concern here more than a few extra hits to PSF servers is trademark usage; I’m neither your nor the PSF’s lawyer, and this is not legal advice, but your usage sounds okay on that front, as it seems like you’re using it exactly for what its intended for. However, just in case, you should consult the PSF’s trademarks policy and be sure to consider how it applies to the specifics of your case, and if you’re still unsure, you could ask here providing the specifics of your use case.

“Now you got me thinking. What does the “Python Powered” logo truly mean? Would somebody draw the conclusion that there is a partnership or endorsement?”

Nobody can control what conclusions others draw, but no reasonable person will imagine that the use of the Python Powered logo implies an endorsement.

“If the logo is ambiguous, I think it would be good if PSF made a logo which is tailored to cases like mine.”

That would be the Python Powered logo.

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Yep. To note, though, the user opened another thread,

in which they mentioned they would also

which may be a very different story, at least as far as avoiding user confusion (== trademark) is concerned.

For questions related to the PSF logos, word and trademarks, please check the available resources:

If you have questions, please contact the PSF Trademark Committee for definite answers. (I am co-chair of that committee.)