Docs metrics trial with Plausible

In the Docs Community monthly meetings, we’ve discussed the need for gathering some metrics of page views from the docs:

  • This would help translators prioritise and focus their effort on the most popular pages
  • Likewise it would help us see which pages could most benefit from a rewrite or update

Plausible looks a promising choice:

  • open source
  • simple and lightweight, easy-to-use
  • no cookies and compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR
  • not as invasive as Google Analytics
  • paid option, hosted in the EU
  • free version, for self-hosting

The Docs Community would like to run a 30-day trial of the hosted version for This would let us know how many page views we’d get, so we can see at what pricing level we’d need for paid hosting, and whether to consider self-hosting.

Are there any objections to a 30-day trial?

If not, I’ll next run this past the steering council.



No objections here, so I’ve asked the SC:


SC said yes to a trial, I’ll set it up.


As a followup, here are screenshots from the last day of the 30-day trial which ended on 2023-08-10.

5 million unique visitors, 6.5 million total visits, 10.9 million pageviews:

Top sources

Top pages

Top countries

Top regions

Top cities

Top browsers

Top operating systems

Top screen sizes