Don't put words in my mouth

This is a super weird thread. I did NOT AT ALL write that title. Someone else wrote that title to make me look super bad. Not only that, but my comment was moved out from another thread, removing all context.

@davidism I really really disagree with how you did this. It’s ok to disagree with me, and think I’m a dick. I get it, I am a dick sometimes, and I’m sorry about that, I really am. I am trying to improve.

But to move my comment out of context, write a new title on top of my comment to make me look way worse, and then on top of that LOCK IT so I can’t respond or fix this is tantamount to slander.


Your post was moved to a new thread, in a different section, because it was off topic. New threads require a title, and that title accurately reflects the substance of your post along with the others that were initially moved. The purpose was to avoid sidetracking the thread without having to actually remove the posts. The thread was locked and unlisted because the discussion was going nowhere and the apparent underlying purpose was simply to find fault with how the dev team does things, without giving any real reasoning and without listening to the standard explanation for why they can’t just implement everything that seems on the surface like a good idea.

The moderator did nothing wrong, and I’m saying that as the person whose idea you were trying to support.

Also, all of this happened almost a month ago; if it bothers you this much, why weren’t you paying attention at the time?

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I can understand @boxed’s frustration. While I see the point of splitting the post into its own thread, the substance of the post is “improvements are too hard to make” (which I don’t agree is true for Python, but it can be a valid concern in some software projects, cf., and the title says “the improvements I want aren’t getting done”, which is quite different.


FWIW I think having a cool-down time before responding to something you find offensive is admirably restrained.


and that title accurately reflects the substance of your post

I disagree. And even if I agreed it’s unethical to not show that the title was written by someone else. In fact the title IS WRITTEN IN THE FIRST PERSON.

If the title was supposed to describe it, don’t write it in the first person. That’s just as bad as editing my messages to say something I never wrote.

Also, all of this happened almost a month ago; if it bothers you this much, why weren’t you paying attention at the time?

I didn’t get any notification that it happened. I have a full time job, kids, hobby projects I don’t have time for, and also, that’s totally irrelevant in the first place.


That sounds like a technical problem that can be solved. How do you go about reading Discourse? My workflow is to periodically refresh Discussions on and see what’s new. If a post of mine has been moved - which happens occasionally - I’ll see a thread wiith a title I don’t recognize, but with my avatar listed among the participants. That’s far from a guarantee that I’ll notice it, but it’s a start.

Maybe there can be a more obvious indication that a post of yours has been moved (whether to a brand new thread or into another thread)?

I don’t really hang here much. I check in randomly and skim the summary email. Which btw, does not mention the move, or that someone editorialized something I wrote without my consent.

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Perhaps there should be an agreed way to create new titles for such moved threads.

On mailing lists, when changing the topic you typically use Some new topic (was: Previous topic) to make people aware that a new topic is being discussed. This could be done here as well.

Since the move is usually initiated by a moderator, I guess asking the (new) top poster to possibly change the title would be an appropriate way to handle this. Does Discourse provide support for this ?


Hi @boxed, I’ve renamed the thread away from the first person.



Thank you. I’m now ok with this.

I think, the context was automatically present. Screenshot:

Came upon this thread by it being present in my weekly email digest.

Wow. This was a weird thing to see. @boxed, I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’ve been through times I felt bullied online and I know it isn’t fun. I understand your perspective when you say you’re uncomfortable with other people changing the public record to make it look you said things you didn’t actually say. Even if the person doing that had no ill intent, that’s intense. I’m glad it was resolved the way it was by having the record corrected. I hope you continue participating in the community. :slight_smile: