Don't working Jupyter Notebook in Python

I am new to Python. Installed python ( 3.11.4) and installed Jupyter Notebook via pip. I registered the transition in the command line, but there is simply no Python list on the site. The same absence on both Windows and Mac. Why is this happening and how can it be fixed? Thanks!

Specifically what was your expected result from doing this? What do you want to accomplish by using Jupyter?

Jupyter is not some kind of generic editor for programs. It is specifically for Python, so it doesn’t mention Python in the interface.

A “Notebook” is what you use to take advantage of Jupyter’s special features. You should read the Jupyter documentation in order to get a basic understanding of how to use it.

Thanks for the answer! I want to use Jupyter for an trading ( algotrading, sorry for my bad English ), in the tutorial I’m going through there is an option to select Python in this list. I don’t have it. I asked this question in training, but the answer does not match, and I decided to turn to you.

I will definitely check what you sent, thanks! But I know for sure that after installing Japiter and opening it through jupyter-notebook
Python3 should also be displayed in my list (now I will show a photo)

this is a picture from the internet

You may also wish to ask your question on the Jupyter Discourse:

Jupyter specific questions will usually get a faster response on their Discourse. Good luck!